Individual consultations are a key focus of LFM’s Client Services


published March 29, 2013

Individual consultations are a key focus of LFM’s Client Services

Among the variety of group meetings, online and in person support options and educational webinars offered byLFM, there is one service that concentrates on the needs of the individual and family in a private and comfortable setting … the individual consultation.

Lupus is more than a diagnosis, it becomes part of a lifestyle, and consultations provide that personal touch where specific concerns and questions as they relate to the individual and the family are the focus.  Discussions vary but include the variety of financial, emotional and personal impacts individuals and families may face.

Consultations are offered in locations that are convenient to those impacted by lupus, and for those contacting the foundation throughout the nation, consultations are provided via telephone.

A diagnosis can enhance problems or cause complications, circumstances and issues that were not present prior to diagnosis in a multitude of ways. Through the consultation we strive to provide quality time that aids the individual and family in creating a new normal with lupus, while also providing information, support and referrals.  Contact LFM’s Client Services department at 952-746-5151 to schedule an appointment. Consultations are free and are also available in Spanish.

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