Take back control with LFM-hosted holistic health workshops


published April 30, 2013

Take back control with LFM-hosted holistic health workshops

Sometimes lupus can take over – physically, mentally and emotionally. Some overwhelming outside factors may include seeing specialists, prescription side effects, medical tests and procedures.  All of this can leave a person feeling like their life no longer belongs to them.

Take back control with a complete mind-body-spirit experience.  Join LFM throughout the summer and fall for a series of unique and exciting interactive workshops that will focus on a variety of holistic health approaches.

Holistic health options do not replace traditional medicine; instead they provide an approach to everyday life that focuses on the whole person, emphasizing the connection of mind, body and spirit to achieve maximum well-being. These practices define health as a state of physical, mental and social well-being versus primarily focusing on a condition or disease.

These workshops are designed to empower and inform and will be both hands-on and educational.  Instructors have been recruited to offer workshops addressing specific needs and concerns, including stress reduction, mind-body-spirit integration, restorative yoga, acupuncture, reflexology and adaptive yoga. LFM is proud to be hosting these workshops in their continued effort to serve those affected by lupus and to raise awareness.  

More information and registration is available on the LFM calendar. Register for one or all.

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