The good days

Have you ever heard the phrase “It’s a good day.” said by someone who has health issues? Many people with chronic illness know what good days and bad days are. For me, a good day with lupus means I can move relatively free without pain, I think clearly, and I can do many of the (sometimes simplest) things on my to-do list.

Sounds easy enough, right? Well, if you’ve read my previous blog post, “Flares and bad days,” you can see just how complex a bad day can get.

I’ve learned to soak up the good days like a sponge. I stay focused in the moment because I know my lupus may be quiet today, but there’s no guarantee it will be tomorrow. I find joy in spending time with my family or walking my dog around the lake. I’ve learned to appreciate the simplest things in life. I especially love the smell of fresh-cut grass in the summer, a charcoal grill cooking, or a gentle breeze blowing my wind chimes. These are some of the everyday things that make my heart smile.

When you’ve had bad days, you sure can appreciate the simplicity of the good ones.

Chris Cronick

About the Author:

Chris Cronick is the 2013 Lupus Ambassador for the Lupus Foundation of Minnesota. She was diagnosed with lupus in August 2010.
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