Lupus research: a balancing act


This week I learned how to balance doing multiple things in a laboratory! Sometimes you can have three different experiments running at once, and you have to make sure you know what all of them are doing. I’m doing a lot of different protocols, like RNA extraction, DNA extraction, cDNA synthesis, and Toll-Like Receptor stimulations.

This week I also got to meet with Dr. Jerry Molitor who is an Associate Professor of Medicine in Rheumatology, working at clinics here at the University of Minnesota. His specialty is Scleroderma and he’s doing a joint study with Dr. Emily Gillespie. I had the privilege to learn about this ongoing project and I even get the chance to help out and help analyze the results for a paper that’s being written on the subject.

This is an amazing opportunity and I’m really excited to start seeing results that we can analyze!

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