Listen to the stories of these individuals affected by lupus, shared to further illustrate what the disease is and the impact it has. These stories were recorded for Cory Cove’s 24-Hour On-Air Marathon to benefit LFM and were aired in and out of commercial breaks.


Meet Carrie, a 13 year-old who was diagnosed with lupus at the age of 10. Learn about her journey and hear how she’s making a powerful difference in the community through awareness and fundraising.


Meet Sarah, a mother whose daughter has been living with lupus since the age of 10. Listen as she describes the additional worries she experiences in raising a teenager with this disease.


Karla’s lupus journey began after the birth of her daughter. Learn about the process she’s endured while trying to manage the pain.


As a 29 year-old woman, Ashley is devastated not knowing whether she’ll ever be able to have children. Learn about her lupus diagnosis process, which took two years after her two failed pregnancies, and listen as she explains some of the challenges she faces living with lupus.

Dr. Emily Gillespie:

Dr. Emily Gillespie, a scientist and lupus researcher at the University of Minnesota describes the interest that drove her toward studying this disease.

Dr. Emily Gillespie (2):

In the past 10 years, significant progress has been made in the field of lupus research. Learn why it’s so important to understand the genes that cause the disease from an LFM clinical research grant recipient, Dr. Emily Gillespie.


Kimberly has lived with lupus for about 20 years. Hear why it’s sometimes difficult for her to ask for help when living with this disease.


Meet Chris, a woman who was diagnosed with lupus in 1980. Her biggest challenge is dealing with multiple surgeries over the years. Listen as she describes her long-term fears as a result of this disease.


Becca, a 17 year-old girl, shares her advice for those who also have lupus, and empathizes with them when trying to explain the disease to others.


Meet Deb, who was diagnosed with lupus at 38. Even though she may look just fine, she describes the internal pain she experiences as a result of lupus.


Katie describes the biggest struggles she’s experienced with her lupus diagnosis, but despite these challenges, she conveys a positive message: There’s Hope.

Kristie (2):

Kristi describes the biggest decision she and her husband made related to her lupus: getting pregnant.

Kristi was diagnosed with lupus at 17. Ever since, she’s been actively stressing the importance of raising awareness and funds for research because it’s her way of “fighting back.”


Sometimes different events can trigger lupus. Hear from Mara, a 28 year-old doctoral student, who describes what’s really helped her cope with her lupus and shares some advice that helps her focus on living with the disease.


Meet Mike, a father whose athletic daughter was diagnosed with lupus in 2011. Listen as he describes the shock he and his family experienced as a result of his daughter’s diagnosis.


Pat isn’t “the typical lupus patient;” she was diagnosed at the age of 46. Listen to the two pieces of advice she has for those trying to cope with lupus.


Regan explains her interest in learning more about the drugs available to people combating lupus, and goes on to describe the different ways people can get involved and become advocates.


Terri shares her reason for participating in the annual Lupus Walk for Hope and 5K Run, and explains why a positive attitude helps her get through anything.


Winter describes the struggles she experienced when she was a student and all the unanswered questions she has about lupus. Learn why research is so important to her.