Support GroupsThe Lupus Foundation of Minnesota (LFM) provides education and support to individuals impacted by lupus, and their supporters, throughout our service area (Minnesota and beyond). One way in which LFM works to provide these services is through our community-based Educational Support Groups. People living with lupus and other autoimmune diseases, as well as their supporters, are welcome to join these LFM-hosted groups.

Facilitators of the educational support groups are trained by and receive ongoing consultation with LFM staff. Most facilitators live with lupus or have a family member with lupus; however, it is not a requirement of becoming a facilitator.

Groups can be beneficial in many ways, including making connections with and receiving support from those living with lupus and other autoimmune diseases, learning about current research, sharing ideas for healthy living strategies, and raising awareness about community resources.

See below for the list of upcoming group meetings. Support is also available via phone or through other specialized or individual consultation. If you’d like more information on any of these offerings or are interested in starting a group in your community, please contact Sandy Parnell, Director of Education.

Upcoming Educational Support Groups

  • Thursday, April 27, 2017

    Willmar Educational Support Group

    Make connections, receive support, and learn strategies to live better with lupus and other autoimmune diseases at this monthly LFM Educational Support Group.

    McMillan’s Restaurant, 2620 First Street, Willmar, MN