Public Education

Public EducationA key aspect of the mission of the Lupus Foundation of Minnesota (LFM) is to raise awareness of the disease. Increased awareness of the signs and symptoms of lupus can lead to earlier diagnosis and treatment, which can prevent or reduce potentially disabling or life-threatening damage. Heightened levels of public knowledge about lupus, and the impact and incidence of the disease, can also lead to increased resources dedicated to research efforts seeking better treatments and a cure.

LFM provides public education through a variety of mechanisms including organizing statewide public events (see upcoming events link) and partnering on initiatives that serve to raise the visibility of lupus in the broader community (see news section).

Staff and volunteers conduct community presentations, community-based outreach and workplace education in the effort to increase understanding and awareness of lupus and minimalize its potentially devastating impact on individuals and families.

Community Presentations

LFM provides speakers to businesses, faith communities, educational institutions and community events to raise awareness and educate audiences on lupus-related topics and chronic disease management. Presentations are tailored to meet requestor’s needs. For more information or to request a speaker, contact Education and Supportive Services.

Outreach and Partnerships

LFM ‘s Client Services department collaborates with other nonprofits, the medical community, educational institutions and community organizations to conduct broad-based community outreach aimed at increasing public awareness and sharing information about the disease and available resources. For more information, contact Education and Supportive Services.

Workplace Education

As a member of Community Health Charities Minnesota (CHCM), LFM partners with other member charities to facilitate workplace educational initiatives around healthy lifestyle choices and disease prevention and management as part of the Health Matters at Work® (HMatW) program. The program provides employers with essential information for their employees through onsite health information, education programs and resources from CHCM member charities around prevention, management and living with chronic disease. If you would like more information about HMatW, contact CHCM at 952-844-9844 or visit their website at

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