Your Gift Makes a Difference


published August 21, 2012

Your gift makes a difference

When you donate to the Lupus Foundation of Minnesota (LFM), you can be confident that you’re helping us in critical ways to meet our overall mission – to fund research, directly support those with lupus and to increase public awareness about lupus. But you might ask how does that gift translate into helping individuals? Or what difference does my donation make to help those in need right now, today?

In early June, we hosted our second annual Lupus Food and Wine Classic.  Going into that night, we knew we’d have an assortment of people there – people with lupus, researchers, sponsors and many others – all with varying degrees of lupus knowledge. So, it was very important to us to be able to share with everyone what we at LFM do in support of those with lupus and how their gifts to the organization make a difference.

At the conclusion of the evening, many people were saying “I didn’t know you did that” and “I didn’t realize that I could help in that way.” So, we wanted to share real pictures of our daily work that directly helps those with lupus … and examples of how your gift makes a significant difference in the lives of someone with lupus.

LFM doesn’t administer medicine, make the diagnoses or coordinate specialty or medical care. But, we ARE the ones who provide key support before, during and after the doctors’ offices and hospitals visits, often before clinical diagnosis, and during or while managing multiple on-going visits to specialists. We provide a bridge by connecting individuals with internal and external resources to help fulfill some of their basic needs while confronting a life with lupus.

But how? 


Julie is a single mother of two. She loved her job. Her kids were doing great in school and in various activities. But something started to go wrong, she constantly felt sick; had a lot of pain, unexplained rashes, and overwhelming fatigue. For the first time in her career, she had used up her paid sick time, but there were still days she couldn’t go in. It took over a year, and three doctors, but she did get an answer … lupus. As Julie’s health continued to decline, her employer allowed a modified work schedule. Financially, Julie was just managing, but lived in fear of an emergency. Then, her car started acting up. Not sure of mechanics or the cost of repairs, she contacted LFM and our client services staffed arranged for a vehicle inspection and repair through PRISM who performs vehicle repairs at below-market rates. In the end, our Horizon Emergency Grant paid for car repairs and two tires, getting Julie safely back on the road to work, her doctor appointments and her kids’ school and activities.
Horizon Emergency Grants provide assistance to lupus patients who are temporarily experiencing an acute financial crisis


A family relocating to Minnesota to be near top-quality medical services and extended family contacted LFM for possible treatment options for their teenage daughter who was suffering life-threatening lupus complications. LFM connected the family with pediatric medical services prior to their arrival, but with so many details related to moving to a new state, many crucial items had to be left behind. Although they had a place to live, they were in need of a couch, a table, beds, plates, silverware, glasses, towels, sheets and many of the other items we use daily to feel comfortable in our homes. Lack of basic comforts added undue stress on the family and their daughter. As one of Bridging’s referring agencies, LFM was able to purchase vouchers to provide this and other lupus families experiencing life-altering circumstances with essential house-hold items that families need to be comfortable during stressful and challenging times.

Bridging Vouchers enable LFM to provide basic home furnishings to those in need of respite while managing the challenges of lupus


Visitors to our website will notice several opportunities for support. Groups provide a place for people to gather, and talk over a meal. Members share that the group has been the only place they have been able to come and talk, learn, and share fears and successes. David, whose wife was just diagnosed, recently dropped in to one of our male support groups. Not sure originally if he should come, he told us later that as he listened to others he realized that he wasn’t alone in his questions, frustrations and his struggle in living with his wife’s diagnosis. He said that an important lesson he learned was that just as his wife has been forced to make changes because of her health, there were changes he was going to have to make as well. This evening, he said, was the jump-start he needed to put him on the road to becoming more conscientious about the kind of husband and supporter he wants and needs to be for his wife.

Support Groups provide funds that will supply a meal and support staff facilitation

Each of these stories represent hundreds more who have turned to LFM at times of crisis. It’s your generous gifts that allow us to fulfill these basic needs – transportation to the doctor or work, furnishings to make a place a home and connecting others with similar needs.

Please consider a gift to LFM to support these particular services, as well as our ongoing mission. Use our online donation form or contribute with a check payment, directed to LFM, 2626 East 82nd Street, Suite 135, Bloomington, MN 55425.

Whatever the size of your gift, you’re making a difference in the lives of others.

Thank you for your continued generous support.

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