Fatigue management program expanding statewide


published August 21, 2012

Fatigue Management Program Expanding Statewide

If you have lupus and experience fatigue, Get Up and Go!

Last fall, the Lupus Foundation of Minnesota (LFM) and St. Catherine’s University (SCU) Occupational Therapy program teamed up for an exciting pilot project.  Fifteen participants entered the program designed specifically for those living with lupus.  The six-week fatigue management program called Get Up & Go: Boost Your Energy, gave participants an educational opportunity to learn, gain tools and develop techniques in which to live healthier with lupus.

Interactive participation was key to the success of this program; and valuable information and techniques were readily shared.  The topic of fatigue was a primary focus, but it wasn’t just about techniques, it also provided a greater understanding as to why fatigue occurs and participants gained even greater management tools by adapting choices and activities as needed.  Valuable topic areas covered included learning to team up with care providers, protecting joints through proper body mechanics, safely creating movement and flow without pain giving participants options for developing exercise plans, analyzing and adapting daily tasks, and intervention strategies for stress reduction.  

Positive feedback from participants included the community-based small group program style and its ability to provide a comfortable and supportive environment where learning of fatigue-management strategies could take place. Participants felt strongly that personal stories, ideas, and examples provided by other group members along with access to knowledgeable professionals greatly added to the overall learning experience of this project. 

Because feedback was so positive from the pilot study, LFM and SCU Occupational Therapy are teaming up again statewide! 

This fall, we will offer four programs in three locations statewide  including Rochester, Duluth and two in the Twin Cities.

Space is limited to 10 participants for each location, and sessions will run 2.5 hours one day per week.  The program will begin in all four locations the week of October 8 and will run through the week of November 16. Final locations and program days are yet to be determined. 

Learn more and register at the Lupus Walk for Hope and 5K Run events. Space is limited. Contact the Lupus Foundation of Minnesota for more information at [email protected] or call 952-746-5151.

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