A hesitant beginning to a happy commitment

A hesitant beginning to a happy commitment

2012 began for me with the Lupus Foundation of Minnesota asking me to be an ambassador for their organization. I was initially hesitant for a couple reasons. One was the lengthy flare I had been dealing with from the recent, and very sad, death of my father – I wasn’t sure if I would be able to follow through. The second reason was my ongoing, on-and-off lupus diagnosis – I wasn’t convinced that I would be a very good ambassador with my “lupus-like”, “watching you for lupus”, borderline ANA-negative, and undifferentiated mixed-connective tissue disease titles that I carried. I had only recently been declared as having lupus from my immunologist/autoimmune specialist in Plymouth, and I thought they might want someone with a more black and white case, not fifty shades of gray!

However, because I have had so many years of medical testing, hospitalizations, surgeries, placental abruptions/miscarriages, bleeding disorders, neurological issues and other crazy symptoms that have systemically affected me, ...

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