The power of faith and prayer

I was very humbled to find out so many of our friends and family started prayer chains for me. Coast to coast, there were prayers for my health and my family.

I ran into a former coworker. We exchanged stories trying to get caught up. In the few minutes we were able to talk, I told her about my lupus and she told me for two years she had been praying for a lady with lupus. She did not know the lady’s name; just knew there was a need. As we talked, we pieced the puzzle together. That lady she had been praying for was me.

Don’t neglect the power and importance of faith in your wellness and healing.

Jan Jundt

About the Author:

2014 Lupus Ambassador Jan Jundt has had lupus for nearly 25 years, is a 24-year lupus support group facilitator and now lives in Fargo. She and her husband, Dave, have three grown daughters and five grandchildren.
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