Lupus affects the whole family

Our young family was hit hard and fast 25 years ago when I was first attacked by lupus. My family was forced to deal with the harsh reality of me being in ICU for a month and needing months of care afterwards. The daily care of my young family fell on others, while Dave spent night and day with me. We were blessed to have my parents close at hand. They stepped in to provide the care for the girls and helped me once I came home.

Many of you are well aware that when you have small children there is no time to be sick, but when it happens, you will find that children can handle and do more than we sometimes give them credit. When as a mom I should have been getting my three girls ready for school, they were helping me by putting my Ted socks on for me and getting me dressed. That was so hard for me, not being able to take care of my family.

Family members can help immensely in your care. Sometimes just the feeling they are “needed” can do wonders for them and, also for you, the person affected by lupus. As humbling as it may be, allow your family and children into your “lupus life.” Everyone can grow stronger for it.

Jan Jundt

About the Author:

2014 Lupus Ambassador Jan Jundt has had lupus for nearly 25 years, is a 24-year lupus support group facilitator and now lives in Fargo. She and her husband, Dave, have three grown daughters and five grandchildren.
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