Six weeks later


Six weeks later and things are going great. I had my six-week postpartum check this week with my OB. I was a hoping that my weakened immune system wouldn’t affect my healing. It didn’t. She said everything has healed great. I mentioned to her that my back and neck has been hurting me. She said that it’s common to have back pain as your body’s center of gravity adjusts back to normal. So now that everything is healed, she suggested some exercises to strengthen my core to support my back better.

It’s very weird that I won’t be going back to that clinic for a year (for a one-year check). I got so used to the people there. My ultra sound tech chased me down by the elevators to give me a hug and ask me how things are going. I loved that clinic and would recommend it to any lupus patient who is pregnant. Having doctors who truly care makes a world of difference.

Kevin is a pretty good sleeper and I try to at least rest when he takes his afternoon nap. The advice every pregnant woman hears “sleep when the baby sleeps” is probably the best advice possible. Although it doesn’t usually happen, when it does, it is awesome. I have been good about letting friends and family help out when offered. It’s an adjustment to get used to packing up a baby, car seat and diaper bag every time I leave the house, but I wouldn’t change it for anything. My joints have been a little sore, but I don’t think it’s much worse than a normal spring.

For a while, Kevin wouldn’t let me put him down during the day. This makes it hard to get anything done. Now that he has started letting me put him down when he’s sleeping, I find myself not wanting to. I got so used to cuddling with him, I miss it if I don’t. Being a mom is amazing and I am so grateful everyday that we were blessed with having a happy and healthy baby.

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