My final weeks/days

During my 37-week appointment with my OB, she told me again how great I am doing. It’s nice to hear that I have done a good job taking care of the baby and myself. She hasn’t checked to see if I am dilated at all yet. She said we would do that next week and then maybe discuss inducing plan too. I asked her if lupus patients get induced earlier than normal pregnancies. She said yes, that can occur, if so, likely at 39 weeks if they haven’t had their baby yet. This was news to me. Probably a good thing to know! I will be 39 weeks the week of March 10.

Another thing I have been watching lately is my blood pressure. With both preeclampsia and kidney involvement with lupus, your blood pressure can go up with swollen legs. My legs are definitely swollen, but right now the cause is simply being 37 weeks pregnant.  Back when I did have kidney involvement, I bought an at-home blood pressure machine. When I started watching it closely, I realized I really didn’t know what they considered high. The doctor has now advised that she’d be really concerned when it’s in the 160s, but also doesn’t love the 150s. She said if it consistently creeps up to let her know. For now, my blood pressure has been in the mid 130s, which she said is good.

Another thing that Dr. Hutto talked to me about today is painful contractions. This week some of my contractions have started to hurt some, as over the last week I have noticed the Braxton Hicks contractions getting stronger. She told me to be careful and monitor closely to sense if they really do start to get consistent. She noted that people who have chronic pain like I do, will often put up with a lot more pain before coming in.

When I left today she said that she’ll see me next Tuesday, if not before! Any time now!

Kristie Bauer

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Kristie Bauer is a long-time Lupus Foundation of Minnesota supporter, Walk/5K attendee and volunteer and founder of the Leaf for Lupus event fundraiser. Diagnosed with lupus at the age of 17 and now 26, she and her husband Pete were exploring the possibilities of starting a family, but Kristie was frustrated with the lack of information available regarding pregnancy and lupus. As she LIVES this big milestone, she’s graciously agreed to share her personal story.
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