Flares, aches, pains and exhaustion

I have always heard mixed things about lupus flaring during pregnancy. I have heard it can flare pretty badly. I have heard that it can go into remission. I have heard it can go into remission and flare during labor (prefect timing, right?). I think it’s best to say that they don’t really know. I think that it depends on the situation. If it’s unplanned and you are stressed a lot about the pregnancy, you are more likely to flare. ...

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Another big milestone: 32 weeks

During pregnancy, there are several big milestones. I’m not sure how the milestones differ from my pregnancy to a normal risk pregnancy but I would imagine they are similar.

The first big milestone is getting past the first trimester. Like I said in my previous blog post, the first trimester for me is huge since the risk of miscarriage is high. Pete and I did not tell our family we were expecting until after we got through that first trimester.

The next ...

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Celebrating my birthday with some unexpected and unexplained surprises

Just before Christmas was my 27th birthday. I’m at an age now where birthdays are not that important to me. Turning 27 is not a special age. But for some reason, my 27th birthday did not want to go on unnoticed.

The night before my birthday I was at my mom’s, celebrating not just mine, but my nephew Hunter’s birthday, as his is three days before mine. As soon as I got there, I started getting horrible cramps and didn’t feel ...

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