My pregnancy first scare


Being pregnant adds a whole new meaning to a lupus scare. It’s not just you you’re looking after.

I woke up one morning and took my socks off. They weren’t very tight socks, but they had left big indents and my legs were very swollen. I had suspected a little swelling over the course of a few days, but didn’t think anything of it really.

But when I noticed it in the morning, it threw me off a little bit. With my past kidney involvement with lupus, I know that when my legs are swollen, it’s not normally in the morning. In the morning, your feet have been up all night, so not too swollen. So my concerns forced me to call my doctor, just to be safe.

I was expecting a response of “that’s pretty normal, just keep an eye on it.” The nurse called me back and asked several questions. One was asking if I had been getting headaches. Headaches are something I have gotten since I found out I was pregnant, so I had to say yes. They also asked if the baby had been moving. It had been, but after I got off the phone, I started freaking myself out, thinking it hadn’t been as much. They said they wanted me to come in for evaluation that day and made an appointment.

This was not the response I was expecting. It made me pretty nervous, actually. They obviously had heard something to make them a little concerned. I got there, they did a urine test and I talked to the doctor. He calmed me down a lot, saying that they were just taking precaution and it was probably nothing. This doctor also said that with lupus and pregnancy, it’s not a matter of if you will develop preeclampsia, it’s when.

After a urine test and some preeclampsia labs, everything turned out fine. I just had some swollen pregnancy legs. Phew!

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