Human Genome Project Celebrating 10th Anniversary

10yearsThe National Human Genome Research Institute is celebrating the tenth anniversary of the Human Genome Project (HGP), which was officially completed on April 14, 2003. Ten years later, researchers continue to discover even more about the human genome.

The publication of its mapping and sequencing promised great insights into human biology, as well as applications for the way life science research is conducted. In the past 10 years researchers have come to understand much more about our DNA code and the genetic basis of human disease, but much more remains to be learned about life’s operating system in order for genomics to be used productively to improve human health.

The National Human Genome Research Institute, which spearheaded the HGP, plans a series of educational activities and events to mark the 10-year anniversary of the project’s completion and to reflect on the HGP’s revolutionary influence on biomedicine. Videos, links to research and more information on the topic and its application in autoimmune related research can be found on:

Lupus Foundation of Minnesota

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