My First Week Here at the U of M Lupus Research Facilities


My name is Brianna Lauer and I first joined the Lupus Foundation of Minnesota through their Summer Fellowship Program, which is a program that gives undergraduate students the chance to work alongside faculty at the University of Minnesota and work on funded programs dealing with lupus. I became interested in lupus research through the amazing guidance of Dr. Emily Gillespie and her dedication to this research.

I wanted to talk about my experiences this summer working in the laboratory here at the University of Minnesota. I’ve only been here a few weeks, but the main thing that I’ve noticed from being in lab alongside these scientists is their passion for the work they do. My first weeks here have been filled with learning the ropes around the laboratory including things like bioremediation training and DNA extractions! These are all things that I would have never gotten the opportunity to learn if it weren’t for the Lupus Foundation of Minnesota, and I’m excited to learn more as the summer goes on.

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